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Welcome to The Council of Eldars. I hope you enjoy your stay and decide to be a part of our guild 

We're a kin on the Eldar server with a nice kinhouse at 8 Long Street, Goodstoke, currently recruiting good people to join us  for good times, quest conquering, and extensive loot whor err gathering. Right now we're pretty new, and this week we're all about making places for our kin members to gather and enjoy themselves, like the new kin house, and this new forum. So come on in - eat, drink and be merry! For tomorrow we die etc (this seems quite likely seeing as we need to do lots of dungeon runs to fill the new kin house with goodies).

Please introduce yourself in the message board and get to know the other members! You can join up using the little "join" button up there

Hey and read the New Member Guide - some really nice basic info in there for you.

We're a friendly, helpful guild
and we're going to encourage you to have lots of fun in LOTRO!

...and remember -

we has pie (and beer! free beer!!).
Guild News

New Members, New Officers

thinedor, Feb 8, 11 3:33 PM.

Nem Members:


New Officers:

Sigreandil, Idhrondir

Will be continued....


thinedor, Dec 7, 10 7:38 AM.
Hello people! A little update for you all! I've put some guides online for the new members around us who needs help;) (crafting, and class guides) there at the forums.



Hi thin  and kin  added a new member guide too, has some basic info in it.

Dungeon Running for Kinhouse Loots!

TCOE, Sep 26, 10 11:43 PM.
Lots of dungeon runs for kinhouse loots planned over the next few weeks. Feel free to come help us as we send our bravest warriors barrelling through the dungeons and straight at the meanest bosses

Let's see what we're made of eh guys.

The acquired loots will be dragged back by our battered and tired warriors and proudly displayed in the kinhouse at 8 Long Street, Goodstoke aka The Party House  Much loud rejoicing, pie devouring and general over-consumption of the free beer will be had after each run.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

TCOE, Sep 26, 10 1:09 AM.
It's aliiiive!

The Council of Eldars is currently recruiting the following:
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